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Warranty Terms

What is RMA:

RMA stands for Return Merchandise Autorization. It is the procedure for returning faulty hardware for repare or replacement

RMA Terms:

Before shipping any goods, buyer must contact YS Techsystems Ltd and follow the YS’s instructions

In many cases the observed issues do not stem from a hardware failiure and support engineer can help troubleshoot them on site

Buyer is advised to become familiar with warranty terms (above)

Every unit undergoes complete functional testing at the factory before shipping

RMA shipping from the buyer to YS Techsystems in on buyer expenses

Shiping back is one YS Techsystems expenses unlless:

Warranty void due to expiration or user damage

RMA is found to be unjustified since hardware is good and working



Repair duration:

Stock configuration units are normaly replaced as son as the unit arrives at the YS Techsystems facility and undergoes inspection/ Replacement normaly takes place within 1 week (exclude shippment time)

Custom configuration units are normally repaired and shipped back within 1 month.

Repair service in case where warranty does not apply:

Warranty may be void due to expiration or user damage

Service is provided at fixed rates:

Product examption/testing – 69 US$ + VAT ,for all products regardless of test results

Product repair – 99 US$ + VAT , only for repared products

YS Techsystems does not guarantee that it will be able to repair the product

Failing product are discarded; only functional products are shipped back

Shippment costs in both directions and taxes , if any, are covered by the buyer

How to issue RMA:

RMA is issued in few steps: first step is to fully fill the RMA form, once submitted YS Techsystems personal would generate a unique RMA authorization Number and RMA process will begin

Never ship a product before receiving authorization and RMA number from YS Techsystems